• Sometimes you give up and breakdown, but I ensure you’ll turn out better on the different side when you push-through. Nonetheless uncertain of Elena’s wellness (the side effects of IP might not surface for another 3-4 decades), I was determined to come out of this much better than ever. Then I woke one up with a dreaded ache that I had been expecting to prevent encounter again. I immediately understood what it was…. …the abdomen ache I'd on that forgettable night in North Park was back. I told my partner farewell when I owned myself for the Emergency Room and kissed my child to the temple. I was diagnosed with a bowel congestion, caused by the scar tissue formation from my surgery, and the pipes quickly went back up my nose. Three-times in 80 days with those pipes that are disgusting, I pray you not have to experience that ache. Fortunately I was ready to prevent surgery and was cleared 3 times later, even though the congestion can happen again whenever you want.

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